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GAE Legal Services is renown throughout the education community for ensuring that our members’ rights are protected. As a public school educator, administrator, superintendent or staff member of any kind, know that as a member of the Georgia Association of Educators, you have the combined and unmatched expertise that only comes from an organization that has the vast collective knowledge from over 100 years of working in public education.

Literally, thousands of lawsuits are filed against education employees every year, and your best defense is knowing your legal rights.

For instance, who would you call if you had an unfair dismissal hearing such as a non-renewal or termination? What if you're caught in the middle of a contract dispute or civil rights and constitutional claims? As a member of GAE, you would first call us.

Note: Email communications sent to GAE Legal Services does not create an attorney-client relationship.


What We Can Do For You

Joining the GAE Family has its (legal) benefits!

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Frequently Asked Legal Questions

The most asked questions by your colleagues.

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Legal Wins

GAE-initiated  legal cases that have helped, and continue to help, shape the landscape of public education for the betterment of our children, schools, and education professionals.

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The GAE Attorney Referral Program

Personal Non-Employment Legal assistance for your family's needs.

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