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Through our monitoring of the Georgia House and Senate, State Board of Education, Department of Education, Professional Standards Commission, and the Teachers Retirement System, GAE keeps up-to-date on the rules and regulations affecting public education and teaching.

GAE keeps you informed of these rules and regulations via KNOW Magazine and our Legislative Action Center. GAE deploys a team of lobbyists who work before, during, and after the annual 40-day legislative session to provide information and guidance to legislators and politicians about GAE's legislative priorities.

As a grassroots organization, we also help you to become an advocate for public education by keeping you abreast of the issues and helping you to start and maintain relationships with your local lawmakers.

As our motto clearly states - We exist to support, protect, and strengthen those who nurture Georgia's children.


Legislative Action Center

The GAE Legislative Action Center is your definitive source of information on legislative issues that directly affect your school, students and profession. Signing up for our GAE Alerts will keep you notified of critical events that may require immediate action

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KNOW Magazine

Our multi-award winning magazine in both print and digital format. You can also submit story ideas directly to our editor!

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News Center

Find GAE press releases and articles as well as news clippings via "GAE In The News."

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Information important to analyzing and understanding the nuts and bolts of what's influencing decisions affecting public education.

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