Educational Support Professionals

Before dawn you are out on the road picking up children from all corners of the state; you keep the boilers and the air-conditioning systems running, make sure the lights are shining, and keep the classrooms clean and fit for education to take place; you keep things running smoothly in the office; and you provide those nutritious meals so necessary for learning readiness. Simply said, the school day could not run without you. Paraprofessionals, Secretarial & Administrative Services, Building & Grounds Maintenance, Transportation, Delivery & Mechanics, Food Services, Health & Student Services, Trades, Crafts, & Machine Operators, Technical Services, Security Services. ESP's include all "classified" school employees. An ESP Committee was established by the members of GAE in the Spring of 1997. Among the goals of the committee are to increase ESP membership and participation in GAE.

We are excited to announce that the Building Winning Teams: Effective Paraeducator-Teacher Teams micro-credentials are now available!

To ensure student success, it is critical that teachers and paraeducators understand their roles and responsibilities, work collaboratively, communicate effectively and respect one another in the process.

The micro-credentials allow paraeducator-teacher teams to demonstrate competency in areas related to the components of effective teams, roles and responsibilities, effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict management. The micro-credentials are designed to be completed by paraeducator-teacher teams (i.e., any configuration of paraeducators and teachers who work together regularly to support students). The majority of the work for each micro-credential requires the involvement of at least two team members, but all team members are not required to submit a micro-credential for review.

We encourage you to visit NEA’s Certification Bank page at and explore each of the micro-credentials to learn more.

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The GAE Education Support Professional (ESP) Committee is conducting a survey.  The survey will be used to help formulate programs and policy for the Georgia Association of Educators as it relates to ESP needs. There are three surveys.  The first is a generic survey to address the overall needs, and issues, of our Education Support Professionals.  The other two surveys are job specific, so if you are a paraprofessional or transportation employees please take a few more minutes to also complete the applicable survey.

The surveys may be taken by non-members of GAE as well as GAE members.   The survey will remain open until October 31, 2019.

ESP Survey:

Paraprofessional Survey:

Transportation Survey: