Certified Professionals

Helping You On The Frontline

As a certified professional…You are fighting the good fight in order to see the profession and public education continue to fulfill its mandate as the great equalizer of our democracy. Your continued hard work and vision ensure that our society will always have representation from every walk of life participating in our country's great democratic experiment. GAE, as an organization by and for its membership, lives and practices those democratic principles every day.

This section will be a resource for you to help cope with the stress and strains that naturally come hand in hand with being on the frontline.

As new resources become available they will made added in order to help you do that most important of jobs --educate our future.

Please feel free to let us know of resources we may have overlooked which you think will be of help to your colleagues.

We welcome your suggestions.

Coweta member Dr. Melissa Ladd named Salute to Excellence in Education finalist Horace Mann presents her with $10,000 during the NEA Foundation Gala to help further her endeavors for her students.