Employment Support Services (Advocacy and Training Center)

GAE's New Advocacy and Training Center


GAE’s new Advocacy and Training Center is staffed by GAE UniServ Directors, who will provide answers to work-related issues. The Advocacy and Training Center does not preclude a member from directly communicating with their assigned UniServ Director. All members will have legal and/or in person support. To locate the UniServ Director assigned to your area please click here.


The training component will utilize the vast NEA virtual library to deliver on-line and in-person training. The training center will allow more GAE members to access one of the most important benefits of GAE membership. By utilizing new and member-friendly differentiated technology GAE will be able to promote and deliver GAE and NEA programs to all its members.

We’re here for you!
GAE Advocacy and Training Center
Open 8AM to 5PM
Monday through Friday
Call 678-837-1100, press option 1
You can email any requests directly to