Coronavirus Clearinghouse: Submit Your Questions

We realize these are challenging times for our members and many of you have questions about what’s next and where do I go from here.  In an effort to help you navigate these uncertain times, we invite you to submit any questions you may have, and we will do our best to get you the answers.  Please realize that in some cases the situation will still be fluid and answers will not yet be concrete, but we will do our best to explain the circumstances.
Please refer to the links below to submit a question via email on the following topics:

General Employment Issues – First click here to find your UniServ Director by school district.
Next click here to find them on our staff page in order to email your district-specific question.

Membership Click here to submit questions regarding your membership record and status.

Legislative/Political – Click here to submit questions on issues relating to education legislation.

Health Resources – Maintaining good mental health is critical at this time.  The following resources are available to help you navigate through these disconcerting months ahead.