GAE State Spelling Bee

Left  to right:
GAE Past-President Charlotte Booker and GAE Past-Secretary-Treasurer Justin Johnson
congratulate champion Arushi Cumer and runner-up Ananya Augustine

2020 Scrips National Spelling Bee was canceled due to the pandemic.  While a great disappointment to our state champion and runner-up Ananya Augustine, GAE applauds them both for their hard work and dedication.

Arushi at the 2019 Scripps Nationals

Arushi at the Nationals!

Read about Arushi becoming Georgia's 2019 state champ!

Bee Study Resources

The GAE Spelling Bee Committee does not furnish any practice list of words to use for your speller. The ultimate recommended guide is using Webster’s 3rd New Unabridged Online International Dictionary as a study reference (   Your school can access any Scripps study material once it has enrolled and has the receipt of the enrollment fee.  Those materials may be downloaded and printed for the school winner for ongoing study.

For additional popular study sites search for Bee study resources.



PLEASE NOTE: There will is a virtual Bee platform being offered by Scripps for schools to use in the event they are not physically in school.  Once registered with Scripps, you will have access to the platform and its support options.

The GAE State Spelling Bee Committee would like to welcome Beth Sample as our new Region 3 Consultant.  The PRR has been updated accordingly.