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Administrator Concerns Committee
The Administrator Concerns Committee shall be charged with responsibility to promote the development and implementation of strategies, activities and programs that will maintain and increase membership (particularly administrators) in GAE, demonstrate GAE’s commitment to the involvement and support of administrators throughout its programs and activities, sensitize non-administrators to the unique concerns, activities, philosophy and needs of administrators, and create a more positive image for administrators.

Collective Bargaining
The Collective Bargaining Committee prepares program proposals for adoption by the Board of Directors and Representative Assembly which advance collective bargaining in locals and districts throughout Georgia. Members of the Committee shall serve as point persons for bargaining. The Committee provides training, technical assistance for locals and districts, and facilitate the bargaining activity in Georgia.

Compliance and Review
The Compliance and Review Committee governs the proceedings of the Compliance and Review Board (CRB) with respect to disaffiliation of a local association, state affiliate, or special interest group, or with respect to the censure, suspension, or expulsion of a member. Any member, local association, or state affiliate may initiate charges.

Constitution and Bylaws
The Constitution and Bylaws Committee studies the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules, and any amendments proposed thereto. The committee submits proposed amendments to the Representative Assembly for final action indicating the committee’s recommendations on each proposal. The Committee performs such other duties relative to affiliation standards, as well as the review and revision of the Constitution and Bylaws, as the Representative Assembly may specify.

Credentials and Elections
The Credentials and Elections Committee certifies delegates and alternates to the Representative Assembly and conducts all annual and special elections.

Education Support Professional
The Education Support Professional Committee organizes programs and workshops designed to address issues relevant to their employment such as opportunities for promotion; trains education support Professionals to become politically involved on the local and state levels in order to improve their working conditions, and ensures appropriate representation of education support Professionals in all facets of Association programs.

Human Relations
The Human Relations Committee fosters positive human relations among educators, students, and others in the community, conducts human relations seminars, hold hearings as needed to help diffuse racially tense situations, recognizes outstanding educators who have contributed to positive human relations, and presents annual awards.

Instruction and Professional Development
The Committee on Instruction and Professional Development proposes to the Board of Directors and promote programs for the improvement of instruction to the public schools; urges the involvement of teachers in decisions related to curriculum, textbook and other media selections, class size, and methods of teaching, and promotes selective recruitment, appropriate training and education for those seeking professional certification as educators.

The Legislative Committee submits a proposed legislative program to the Board of Directors and then to the Representative Assembly for final approval. The committee also may recommend to the Board of Directors plans for the promotion of the legislative program to the Georgia Legislature and to the public.

The Resolutions Committee evaluates existing policies of the Association, recommends policies that promotes the cause of education and advances the interests of members of the profession, and presents resolutions to the Representative Assembly.

Women's Concerns
The Women’s Concerns Committee prepares program proposals for adoption by the Board of Directors and Representative Assembly that promote leadership skills, equal rights, health care, and other issues for women which have critical impact on American life.